Does Caffeine Cause Acne?

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 - Acne Removal
 Does Caffeine Cause Acne

Does Caffeine Cause Acne


Does Caffeine Cause Acne – Can caffeine actually cause acne? These two seemingly unrelated items can actually be correlated. If you don’t get enough rest because caffeine keeps you up, your body experiences more stress. If your stress level is high enough, your body increases the output of hormonal glands that make androgens.

These hormones make additional skin cells, which results in pores being congested. Any particles that get inside them can result in more pimples and a bigger percentage chance of acne.

Any caffeine you consume, especially before you go to bed, could be interfering with your attempts to have healthy skin.

The total time it takes for caffeine to clear out of your body is generally around 10 or 12 hours. If you drink caffeine later in the day, this means it could stay in your body for the entire duration of your sleep.

Using Caffeine to Prevent Acne

If you are going to have caffeine at all, consume it it earlier in the day, and for sure do not have any during the night.

If you drink a lot of caffeine, it can be dangerous to quit cold turkey. Try to cut back gradually. Drinking water helps a lot too. It helps get the caffeine out quicker.

Does Caffeine Directly Cause Acne?

Not directly, but it could be causing you to get less sleep, resulting in more stress, and increasing your chance of acne issues.

If you are having problems with acne, cut back on the caffeine. If you cannot live without it, try green tea instead of coffee. It’s a much healthier alternative while still providing the boost coffee drinkers love.

If you want to fight acne on multiple levels, check out my best acne treatment that I use daily. It will help you beat acne by taking care of your entire body, not just your face and skin. Acne is often the result of something larger, so people just treat the symptoms, instead of the root causes.

If you have succeeded in dealing with your acne by reducing your caffeine intake, let us know in the comments.

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