Do Acne Pills Work?

Friday, February 16th, 2018 - Acne Treatments

Do Acne Pills Work – Dermatologists suggest that a majority of the acne treatment products are ineffective as they do not address the root cause of the problem. While the condition appears on the skin’s surface, the actual acne cause appears in the lower layers of the skin. Acne occurs when a blockage appears in the hair follicles and sebum build ups. Unfortunately, most acne treatments only serve to mask the acne symptoms rather than treating the cause. This is why most of them works temporary and an acne breakout keep occurring. It is for this reason that acne pills are more effective in the treatment of acne than most topical creams.

Oral antibiotics

For many years, oral antibiotics have been used in the treatment of acne. These helps to reduce the Propionibacteria acnes (the bacteria that is responsible for causing acne). Oral antibiotics are also effective in decreasing the skin’s inflammation. Patients should start with a high dosage before moving to a lower dosage as the condition improves. Oral antibiotics can be used in the treatment of moderate, severe or even persistent acne. Some of the common oral antibiotics used in the treatment of acne include:

  • Erythromycin
  • Minocycline
  • Tetracycline
  • doxycyclin

Contraceptive pills

Birth control pills have been used by dermatologists in the treatment of acne in women. The treatment option is usually prescribed in healthy women when other treatment options have failed. As you may be aware, acne is closely related to hormones. There are women who experience premenstrual flare-ups as a result of a shift in their hormonal levels.

In the last decade or so, there has been an explosion in birth control pills. However, only 3 of them have been approved by FDA in the treatment of acne. The 3 acne pills are oral contraceptives containing both estrogen and progesterone. If birth control pills contain only progesterone, they can worsen the condition. These types of birth control pills that are used in the treatment of acne contain a low dosage of estrogen. The birth control pills approved by FDA in the treatment of acne are:

  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen. These contains estrogen combined with norgestimate( a type of progrestin). A progestin is a man=made or synthetic form of progesterone.
  • This acne pill combines estrogen with norethindrone progestin. The acne pill is available in different estrogen doses.
  • This acne pill combines estrogen with synthetic progestin referred to as drospirenone. However, according to the FDA, acne pills that contain drospirenone may increase the risk of blood clots as compared to other types of progestins.

There has not been a major difference that has been noted by studies on the effectiveness of the 3 birth control pills in treating acne. Though they are effective and safe, birth control pills should not be used by everyone. They can have side effects such as headaches, breast tenderness, changes in the menstrual flow and a slight increase in the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases and blood clots. You should not take birth control acne pills if you:

  • Are pregnant or intend to get pregnant
  • Gave birth in the last one month
  • Are yet to reach puberty
  • Have a history of heart diseases, migraines, blood pressure and vascular diseases, blood clots, liver, breast or uterine cancer.

The birth control pills should be prescribed by a health care practitioner and should not be used without a prescription.

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