Are Chemical Peels for Acne Scars Effective

Monday, February 12th, 2018 - Acne Treatments

Acne Scars Effective -Chemical peels for acne scars can be quite effective in minimizing the appearance of scars, although it will often depend on the severity of the scaring. A chemical peel will involve the process of applying a solution to a person’s skin, in order to smooth and improve the texture by eliminating the outer layer, while also stimulating new skin cell growth.

For some people, the idea of harsh chemicals being applied to their skin can seem intimidating and a deep chemical peel can require a significant amount of healing time. There are a number of chemical peels for acne scars available, some are milder than others and the strength and type of the chemical peel that’s used will be based on the condition of a patient’s skin.

The Different Types of Chemical Peels Available

A light chemical peel is also referred to as a superficial chemical peel and it utilizes AHA acids, such as citric acid, betahydroxy acid, glycolic acids and salicylic acid which will work to peel off the top layer of skin. The results of the treatment can range from undetectable to a mild flaking of skin, such as you would experience from a sunburn. Having a light peel performed will help to reduce dead skin cell build up, especially inside the pores and it can also help to soften scar tissue and reduce the signs of aging.

A medium chemical peel will penetrate beneath the top layer of skin and will not only remove old skin cells, but it will also actually injure skin, in order to stimulate healing and promote new skin cell growth. The healing process will help to also stimulate new elastin and collagen growth, which will help to significantly improve the appearance of skin. This can require several days of healing.


A deep chemical peel involves surgery. Deep chemical peels are designed to penetrate down into the deepest layer of skin and force the skin to regenerate. The result can be regrown skin that is unscarred, healthier and younger.  Because the procedure is very painful, a patient will be put under anesthesia and the amount of recovery time will be significant. A side effect of this procedure can involve the destruction of melanocytes, which will mean the skin will be unable to protect itself from the sun. This type of peel can only be performed by a physician.

How can you qualify for Treatment?

To find out which type of chemical peel will be the most beneficial for the reduction of your acne scars, you’ll need to have a consultation with a licensed dermatologist, who will evaluate your scars and determine which type of treatment will be the most effective.


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