Blue Light Acne Treatment

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 Blue Light Acne Treatment

Blue Light Acne Treatment

Blue Light Acne Treatment This bacteria is present in the skin, but with the help of blue wavelength, it can be removed easily. The therapy used in this process is known as photodynamix therapy and it is approved by FDA. It is very effective in the treatment of acne vulgaris or other bacteria which have no response towards acne therapies.

You might be eager to know that how this magical therapy works. So, let’s have a look at its working.

How does blue light acne treatment work?

Acne causing bacteria releases porphyrins, this substance occurs naturally in the body, but it is very harmful. It occurs due to the breakdown of hemoglobin in RBCs. When Blue light wavelength falls on this substance, then porphyrins absorb the light and a free radical damage is produced.

Because of this procedure the bacteria present in the skin is destroyed completely. A high intensity narrow band blue light source is used in Blue light acne treatment. This light wavelength is immediately absorbed by the porphyrins produced by the acne causing bacteria.

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There are many other acne UV light treatments which also claims to treat acne completely, but don’t go for it as they can damage your skin. But the blue light devices are never designed to work on UV rays. This blue light treatment can be used in conjunction or along with photosensitizing agents like ALA (Aminolevulinic acid) and Hydrochloride solution.

What’s involved in this procedure?

Blue light therapy for acne is controlled by a system delivering a blue light. In this procedure, the patient suffering from acne sits in front of the blue light lamp for about 15 minutes. This procedure requires a 2 session for a week and it continues for 4 weeks.

If you are following a pre- treatment with ALA, then you must apply ALA 30 minutes before sitting in front of the blue light lamp. In this method you have to sit in front of the blue light for about 8 minutes. These sessions are gapped for 2 weeks and the number of treatments depends on the severity and improvement of acne.

These treatments are available from a dermatologist but if you want, then you can also purchase your self- administered kit and can do these therapies at your home.

Effectiveness of blue light acne treatment

Many studies related to blue light therapy for acne reflects the result that this method is capable of improving the acne results, but with a number of papules and pustules in some individuals. Although there are many people who got better results from this treatment, but there are many who received the worst effect of blue light acne treatment.

So, here I will advise that you should visit a dermatologist for the treatment of your acne and after concerning with him you should decide to do the treatment. Don’t be excited and start using the treatment without anyone’s advice. I can be very harmful.

Blue light acne treatment side effects

People who perform this kind of acne treatment with the advice of a dermatologist complain of minor side effects, which include temporary pigment changes and dryness and swelling of the treated area.

What is the cost ?

For blue light acne treatment you have to pay approx. $25 for a session of 20 minutes. We hope this information will be very helpful to you…..

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